Our Story




We are two people full of energy and ideas.


Carolin, founder of Vitura and food lover: I stand for a balanced lifestyle - physically and mentally. I like doing sports, eating healthy food, learning languages, reading books and developing my business. My goal is to encourage Chinese people to live a good lifestyle and to enjoy the qualities that Germany has to offer.


Weidong Ye, founder and investor: I like to develop new ideas that bring something good to the people. Living in Germany for a long time but visiting China a few times per year, I see synergies that can be used in both countries. I have got a passion for new healthy products and want to share the German culture with the Chinese.



It was in 2015 when I, Carolin, entered mainland China for the first time. I tasted plenty of food from all over the world, but unfortunately, I could not find my favourite brands. I missed the healthy lifestyle from Germany and it was not easy for me to find alternatives.


The lack of delicious healthy German products resulted in the idea to bring those great products to China. In September 2016, Vitura GmbH was born and Weidong Ye and myself began to cooperate with excellent German food manufacturers in order to offer a range of healthy products.


We select only the finest products for you. All products offer a nutritional value to the body full of minerals and vitamines. They are bio certified and manufactured by means of high standard.


Please contact us to get more information on our products.


Carolin Wiedemann

Weidong Ye

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