Cereals & Superfoods




Berioo is a superfoods company from Muenster, Germany. Its founders believe in the power of superfoods: goji, acai, wheat grass powder, hemp protein powder and much more - they all add excellent nutritional value to the body in order to get fitter and healthier. Superfoods can be added to their muesli and porridge and can be enjoyed as cold or as hot meal. On top of that, Berioo offers delicious berry and nut snacks giving even more power for the day. Healthy food to start the day with or to eat in between for example in the afternoon.




Turtle is an invention of a German-Belgian couple who created their own mixtures of bio porridge available in different flavours: chocolate--banana gluten free, superfood gluten free, classic, fibre, seedy gluten-free and classic gluten-free. All mixtures just need to be heated up with milk or water and are ready to eat. It is an excellent way to start the day for every one who loves porridge!

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