EnergyOatSnack offers extraordinary powerbars made of oats. Thanks to the gentle processing, the bars don´t crumble or break. All Energy Bars are handmade nature products and 100 % vegetarian. EnergyOatSnack is perfect before or after having a workout or in between at home or at work.


Try them- they taste delicious.



My Raw Joy´s Choco Bars, Pralines and Truffles are handmade and use only the finest raw ingredients. What makes the products special is that they contain raw cocoa from Peru and coconut palm sugar. To preserve the nutritional value, the production process is kept below 42°C. Adding flowers, almonds and hazelnuts makes the products very unique. The goal of My Raw Joy is to offer best handmade vegan chocolate that offer a healthier alternative compared to other chocolate brands.



Paleo Jerky, founded in 2013, offers different kind of dried meat snacks. The idea was born in Scotland, where one of the founders discovered Biltong, a local specialty of dried meat. He was so fascinated by the taste that he decided to open his first onlineshop for dried meat in Germany. The concept of Paleo Jerky is to combine the tastiness of Beef jerky with the paleo diet, a nutritional approach that puts our nutrition in line with our ancestors running on the foods available at that time: fruits, vegetable, meat, seafood and nuts. That is the reason Paleo jerky is gluten-free and free from additives. It is time to enjoy Paleo Jerky.



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