Ready-to-eat meals



Savoury ingredients and meat from organic production - that are the traditional classic meals from Reichenhof. Fine soups and solid stews taste like self-made cooked- thanks to gentle processing of ingredients. Suitable for all who do not have time to cook but want to eat healthy meals that are prepared quickly. Either at home or in the office, classic style or exoctic tastes - enjoy Reichenhof. For more information, please contact us!



Daily Soup is a selection of creamy soups made of vegetables, lentils and nuts refined with exotic spices. All ingredients come from controlled biological cultivation and are free from artifical additives. Daily Soup stands for sustainbility and this is the reason the founders decided to create bio and vegan soups that are a healthy alternative during the day. Daily soup can be prepared easily by heating them up in a pot or microwave.


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